Chilean Horror, Departyd


We just got word on a brand new Chilean horror movie called Departyd Miguel is brilliant, sexy and strong. Girls are attracted to him, they love him. But the most important thing about him, Miguel is dangerous. He is unleashed in this Big Great World and when he arrives to Santiago there will be no problem for him to find a teacher at the university where he studies and transform him in a totally devote slave to his dark master. Miguel, with the professor's help, will organize a party for

Him: a deadly party that soon becomes an orgy and then a dark and obscure ritual to rise ancient gods. The party will end in a bloodbath.  The screenplay is based on "Party", a comic of comic artist and illustrator Italian Andrea Cavaletto,    The protagonist actor is Domingo Guzman, a young actor usual series on TV Chile, Serge Francois (The Italian in "CURRICULUM"), this is considering the possibility of involving in the film the American actor Danny Trejo, in the role of a rough and hard policeman.
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