Dark Floors Plot & Pictures

The Finnish horror film Dark Floors, staring the band Lordi is currently in post-production.  In the film, the band (who wear monster costumes) is playing the monsters attacking a group of people as they attempt to escape the a hospital. 

The plot up till that point hasn't been known.  But, the folks over at Dread Central got their hands upon the storyline, which is pretty interesting:

Concerned for her autistic daughter’s health, the father sees a removal from the hospital by force as the only option. An elevator break-down prevents a smooth exit and renders them trapped with others. Yet the incident is only the beginning of a descent into nightmare. As the doors open the hospital appears mysteriously deserted. When mutilated bodies are found, creatures from a dark world start a frightening attack. It soon becomes clear that the survival of the group may rest solely on the little girl.

A monster movie with the Lordi slicing their way through bodies, what could be more fun?  As I reported when the story first broke, the Fins actually have done two movies.  One for the younger fans, in terms of curbing the blood letting and making it slightly tamer while having the hard-core R version for the older fans as well as for the hard-core horror fans.  Unlike other movies to involve music groups, Dark Floors is not going to be a showcase of their music nor something to boost popularity overseas (though I bet they will have an album to come out with the film and one or two of their songs will probably be heard) but instead a horror flick with them as the monsters.

The fellows over at Twitch films also have a brand new batch of stills for the film.  Check 'em out.

Something for Aliens fans too, William Hope (Lt. Gorman) also stars in the film as the character Jon.  The film is directed by Pete Riski, who has directed the band's videos and according to IMDB its the most expensive Finnish horror film made with a budget of about 2.7millionEuros, about 4million US Dollars. 

Dark Floors is due out in its native Finland on February 8, 2008. 

When it hits the rest of the world is not available, and when it hits North America...if its picked up by the Weinsteins, who knows?
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