SAW 5 & 6 With Tobin Bell


SAW 5 and 6 is coming. This is far from earth shattering news, we have been talking about it for eons. But the interesting part is that the folks who run Twisted Pictures are saying they only want to do it with Tobin Bell. The question becomes how do you do it? Frankly they are just as open about the fact 'how on earth does that work' as I am.

How do you get Tobin Bell into a movie when he is is already dead? They did it for SAW 4 and at this time I signed a bunch of legal jumbo which means I cant tell you how they made it work. But I am sure you can guess, your smart people, the thing is you cant do it over and over and over again. So this is more of a question then a news post.

I can tell you that Twisted Pictures has no interest in doing SAW 5 and 6 without Tobin Bell, which makes sense since his character IS the whole concept of the film but how do you make two more movies about a dead killer? Leave some comments and let us know how you would do it. Who knows maybe Twisted Pictures will stop by and steal your idea ( Yes I am kidding, I can see the studio emails coming in now.. that last bit was just humor kids). But seriously what do you think? Leave some comments, I would love to hear how you would do SAW 5 & 6.

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