Pyun's Invasion To DVD

No, this isn't the same Invasion that blasted onto movie screens in August and nor is this another film by The Asylum, their tie-in for The Invasion was Invasion of the Pod People.

This Invasion comes from B-movie maker and general hack Albert Pyun.  His name might not ring a bell with some, but he is the man behind such films as the 1991 direct-to-video feature Captain America (based off the comic), The Sword and the Sorcerer, and a movie that has landed him in some hot water with Guam Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon.  If you want to learn about that, check out the notes from a crew member on that flick plus the Wikipedia page that gives a brief insight into it.

got word from Lionsgate that they are releasing Pyun's latest low budget feature to DVD in December.  Lionsgate is not only the studio for edgy horror flicks, but also now for basically putting anything shot on camcorder to digital to real film onto DVD, case in point, Ulli Lommel.

I would have not otherwise reported it, but the one thing about the film actually got me interested.  The film is of course about aliens and unlike alien flicks that take place over days or weeks, this one is real time and is doing in one continuous take, not shot, but take.

For this reason, I might rent the flick to see how well its pulled off.  Not expecting much, but I am very curious on a single take for a whole film.

Albert Pyun's Invasion hits DVD on December 18.
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