Toronta After Dark Film Festival 2007


Just a reminder to anyone who loves horror and fantasy films who will be anywhere near Toronto over the next week that the 2nd Annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival kicks off October 19th 2007 at the Bloor Cinema in T.O. and runs through Thursday October 25th 2007.

I had the awesome opportunity to attend a number of films last year and have been counting down the months to do it all over again. TADFF is a fantastic opportunity to watch amazing horror and fantasy flicks in a movie theatre with an enthusiastic audience of like-minded cinephiles who ooh and ahh with all the splattery goodness of some of the most interesting films the genre has to offer. I was amazed by the high quality of the films programmed and how efficiently the festival was run last year, a huge shock given that it was the first year ever for the festival!

This year there seems to be more of a focus on horror, and fans can check out movies like “Mulberry Street”, “Bloodcar”, Uncle Lloyd’s “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead”, “The Tripper” and “Murder Party”, just to name a few. There are pubs most nights, and of course the famous Toronto “Zombiewalk” on Sunday October 21st 2007. In addition to the feature films, there are a number of incredible short films showcasing the talents of tomorrow’s superstars and today’s mavericks.

So if you have to beg, borrow or steal – find a way to get to Toronto to check out these films – I guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience!

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