Birds, James Birds

Michael Bay produced remake of classic film *watches as hordes of fans grab pitchforks and torches*.  Now hold on there folks, this Michael Bay produced remake of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds might be better than the rest of the crap his Platinum Dunes company has turned out.  But, more on that later.  First, an update on how its going.

Variety reports that Mandalay Pictures is producing the film along with Platinum Dunes and the script is still in the works.  Apparently Universal (who will covering the distribution) really isn't in a rush to get the film made like many other companies are rushing to get films done before the rumored WGA strike occurs. 

Naomi Watts is indeed in talks to star in the film, so those of you who enjoyed her being chased by a massive monkey, here she is being chased by thousands of birds.

But, the strangest news Variety had was that veteran director Martin Campbell, who is most famous for helming Casino Royale & Goldeneye, is in talks to DIRECT the remake.   Now this comes as a surprise for me from the standpoint of the fact that Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes was created with the purpose of giving young directors the chance at breaking into feature filmmaking, obviously Campbell doesn't need that, so I am very curious as to who wanted to go to Campbell and not find some young director to take the reigns. 

Well, the good news is folks that Campbell is a seasoned director and might actually turn out something at the very least is decent.  Birds is not Hitchcock's best film by far, even NEVER, EVER mess with the Master of Suspense.  I'm looking at you Gus Van Sant.

The remake of The Birds is due out in 2009 if nothing halts its production. 
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