Sam Raimi talks 30 DAys of Night 2


SciFi Wire is reporting that Sam Raimi is once again talking 30 Days of Night Sequel. Nothing new or at all that exciting. in a nut shell its, yeah we wil get a sequel if the first one does well.

Raimi said a sequel would depend on whether audiences demand one. “And then if they do, I’d probably huddle with Ben and Steve and my partner, Rob Tapert, and figure out what they thought it should be,” Raimi said. “Mostly I want to be true, if there was a sequel, to the books. I think that’s what got us here in the first place.”

Two more comic series followed the first one: Dark Days, which brings back Stella and some of the original vampires from the original, and Return to Barrow, which follows the story of the brother of one of the survivors of the original attack.

Be sure to go see 30 days of night it opens TONIGHT and when you do see it be sure to submit your review!

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