Bill Nightly Speaks on Shaun of the Dead

Bill Nighy talks about the debut film by the writer and director of cult sitcom Spaced.

Nighy, currently rumoured to be in line to be the next Doctor Who, plays a zombie in the comedy movie Shaun of the Dead, written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

"This year I've been king of the vampires in Underworld, a knackered rock star in Love Actually and, in the birth of a genre, a zombie in the rom-zom-com which is Shaun of the Dead, which I think is a real rocker," Nighy told Empire. "I think it's going to travel and I think it's going to be an international hit."

"Nick Frost [who plays Ed] and Simon Pegg are comic geniuses, they are absolutely inspired young men. They're sick also, they're sick in the head - there is so much blood in this movie that it's unhealthy and wrong in every way."

Shaun of the Dead is due for release sometime in 2004. A third series of Spaced is planned, but there is no news as to when. Meanwhile, Nighy is currently appearing in Love Actually, as Billy Mack, a washed-up rock star.

Reported on the BBC. If you have not been following this movie, you need to pop over to the Shaun of the Dead Section of this site pronto and watch the trailer. This movie is going to be a cult classic.

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