Sam Raimi has no Evil Dead Plans


We caught up with Sam Raimi at the press conference for 30 Days of Night and he broke the news that although there is a ton of talk there is still really no solid plans for the Evil Dead remake, quote;

We currently don’t really have a plan for "Evil Dead.” I know I talked about finding a young filmmaker to re-imagine and remake it at some point because as Rob said to me, "Look, the movie came out in 16mm. It was a blow up to 35mm. We only had 60 prints. No one really ever saw it in the theaters. Why don’t we make a big screen movie of "Evil Dead” in 35mm with really great actors, a great director, real cameras, a great sound track.”

I thought that’s probably a good idea because it was so crudely made, a new filmmaker could do a great job. It’s just that once we said that publicly, we haven’t spent any time really looking for people. It’s been all just talk and it’s still just talk right now. I’ve been so busy. But we would like to do that at some point.

I dont like redo's remakes or whatever you call them but from time to time they do work. I suppose if anyone can pull it off its Sam Raimi. I frankly would rather though if he worked on a sequel to Army of Darkness which to me is one of the greatest films ever made, then doing an Evil Dead Remake!

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