New International I Am Legend Trailer


The adaptation of Richard Matheson's classic vampire story I Am Legend is one of my most anticipated films of the year. Due out in December, it looks fairly loyal to Matheson's material.

Quick Update: Warner Brothers emailed to inform me this is an INTERNATIONAL trailer. The new domestic trailer will be live shortly and on our site for you all. WB is not asking us to remove this trailer but are telling us it was leaked early

The folks over at WorstPreviews found a new I am Legend trailer which is below. It shows more action and more of what we can expect from the film. And it looks pretty damn good. The resolution is good enough to see some of the vampires in the film. And they look much more bat-like than human, but apparently can communicate like humans.  And of course its pumped up on action.

Overall, it looks like this could be a really good, epic horror film. And don't worry folks, looks like Will Smith is playing this one 100% straight. I Am Legend is directed by Francis Lawrence and is due out December 14.

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