Miller Directing Area 52


Benderspink recently picked up the rights to the comic book mini series Area 52 by Brian Haberlin. Today they have announced that Automaton Transfusion director Steven C. Miller will direct. Unfortunately this means that Miller will probably be too busy for awhile before he can complete his Werewolf flick Bad Moon Rising.

About two years ago Casey Silver Productions had bought the film rights to the movie. They had two scribes Damian Shannon and Mark Swift adapt the script for them. So it looks like this may have been the reason that it has taken so long for this project to get off the ground.

Jack Phillips adapted the comic book which takes place in Area 52 a top-secret facility where alien autopsies are never conducted. It is, literally, a storage dump for these and many other things, a repository of bizarre and mystical artifacts that the government has finished studying, ranging from the wreckage of alien ships to King Arthur’s sword. When another alien visitor – an extraterrestrial killing machine – attacks Area 52, the base staff must learn (quickly) how to defend themselves with the powerful weapons and artifacts surrounding them.

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