Lio Headed to the Silver Screen


Producer David Kirschner has reached a deal with Universal Press Syndicate to make Lio a live action film. Kirschner will be teaming up with his Child's Play Producing partner Corey Sienega. The strip was originally created by Mark Tatulli in 2006 and has since become a very popular comic.

The strip follows a spikey haired kid who hangs out with a motley crew of folks inclucing The Grim Reaper and a giant squid. Kirschner told the trade, "I've always had an affinity for characters like the Addams Family and Edward Scissorhands, who are seemingly dark but humorous and thoughtful at the same time."

Below is a sample from the comic which I found quite humorous. If this is anything of what we can expect from the feature you can count me in.

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