BoogeyMan 2 Review.


The Dude from MoviesOnline had a chance to see Boogeyman 2 and has posted his review ( BoogeyMan 2 Review ). Looks like we might have a stinker on our hands kids!

Boogeyman 2: Unrated Director’s Cut debuts on DVD January 8 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. We dont have any artwork or specs but we have requested it and will post once it arrives.

Under the care of Dr. Mitchell Allen (Tobin Bell), Laura (Danielle Savre) checks herself into a mental health facility, still haunted by a paralyzing fear after witnessing the death of her parents at the hands of the Boogeyman.  Once Laura joins the other patients, who are also prisoners of their own phobias and trapped in the institution, the Boogeyman returns, exterminating them one by one in a bloody tableau of torture.

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