Alien vs Hunter Trailer

About a week ago I reported on the new Asylum studio tie-in Alien vs HunterI don't think I have to explain the fact its suppose to "tie-into" Fox's Christmas release of Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.  AVH written by Asylum head honcho David Michael Latt (who also wrote and directed their War of the Worlds) and is directed by Scott Harper of Supercroc.

I was checking up on their website today when I noticed the trailer for AVH was up.  Check it out here.

Lemme see, what does AVH have in its trailer?  People running through the woods okay, some military folks okay, some interior of some spooky place, the Hunter looks to be wearing some spacy sorta medieval armor with a red circle thing in the center of the helmet, and the Alien looks pretty much from what I can tell to be a rip off H.R Giger's design but with the Predator mandibles for a jaw.

So, at least the Pred...I mean Hunter seems a bit different.  Question is will there be more than a 2minute battle at the very end of the movie between the alien and hunter?  And will it provide some B-Movie fun?

Alien vs Hunter hits store shelves December 18.

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