AMC Climbs 99 Stories


I'm sure several of you have your TV's tuned into AMC right now watching their Monsterfest schedule which believe it or not is non-stop 240 hours of all horror films. Today the Hollywood Reporter has announced that AMC is developing a new sci-fi horror series, 99 Stories by The Omen scribe David Seltzer.

"99" revolves around a group of strangers invited to tour a newly constructed multipurpose 99-story building who find themselves trapped in it with no way out but up. Each and every episode will be a new challenge for the group. The building is being controlled by a technological brain kind of like the little girl in Resident Evil.

"The elevators are in control of (the strangers') destiny, whittling them out by deciding who they deem deserve to go up," Seltzer told the trade.

And what happens in the sealed-off high rise has much larger repercussions. "What's going on there is not about the people trapped inside, it affects the rest of the world," Seltzer said.

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