Halloween 4 / 5 Double Header Oct 30th.


Draco one of our forum members posted to let us know on Tuesday October 30th, Fathom Events is digging into the infamous  "Halloween" vault to bring psychotic murderer Michael  Myers back  to the big screen for one night only with a double-dose of  "Halloween  4 - The Return of Michael Myers" and "Halloween 5 - The Revenge  of Michael Myers." Digitally remastered in High-Definition,  each film will be shown in over 250 movie theaters nationwide, and will also include two never before seen features, "Halloween: Faces of Fear" and "Meet the Michaels".

"Halloween: Faces of Fear" will include  new and archival interviews with many members of the films' original  cast and crew, including John Carpenter, the late Moustapha Akkad, Tommy  Lee Wallace, Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris, plus rare behind-the-scenes-footage  shot on the Utah set of "Halloween 5."

"Meet the Michaels" will  feature interviews with six of the men behind the famous mask including  Nick Castle (Halloween 1978); Tommy Lee Wallace (Halloween 1978); Tony  Moran  (Halloween 1978); George Wilbur (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael  Myers 1988  & Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers 1995); Don  Shanks (Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers 1989) and Brad Loree  (Halloween:
Resurrection 2002). For a list of theaters go to www.fomevents.com

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