Area 52 Concept Art


Today Stephen C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion) has released some concept art for the film he was just announced to direct Area 52. In his blog he also spoke about what he loved about the original comic books and why he was drawn to the film.

"What I loved about the comics is all the crazy weapons and technology that are discovered in this gigantic secret warehouse. For me it was like being given a key to Toys R Us when I was 8 and told 'Have Fun". I get the chance to not only create a terrifying environment but also a warehouse full of never before seen technology. I want to bring a real sort of 'Die Hard' meets 'Indiana Jones' to this sci-fi film. I love the mixing of genres as long as it is done right. I also love comic book films and know fans of this comic will expect nothing short of Balls Out Action and Horror. So that is what i plan on delivering."

Below is the actual concept art that features the inside of Area 52.

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