Resident Evil CG Movie Cometh


The Resident Evil Franchise will continue in 3d according to MoviesOnline. Kudos to SkinCarver for emailing me and reminding me I had forgotten to post about this. Busy day! The movie will be called Biohazard: Degeneration

According to MoviesOnline the 3d movie will be based on the Biohazard video game. "Biohazard", began as a hit international video game franchise created by 'Capcom', then made its debut on the silver screen as the live-action film "Resident Evil" (the international film title for "Biohazard"), distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

"Resident Evil" is the first trilogy of live-action movies to have come from a video game franchise. 'Capcom' and Sony Picture's Japanese subsidiary SPEJ have teamed up to give birth to a CG-animated "Biohazard" with groundbreaking visual effects and a brand-new story line.

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