Butler Escapes Escape From New York

A few days ago Fearless Leader posted that Brett Ratner had left the remake of Escape From New York, I cannot imagine a single fan out there who probably wasn't celebrating when the news came through.

Sadly though, the most interesting part about the remake has left too. Gerald Butler, a man who has been in Hollywood for many years as in supporting roles, playing Dracula in Dracula 2000 and then getting the star role for 300 has left the film.

reports that Butler left for "creative differences". Oh well, I think he would have made a great Snake.

With original director Len Wiseman, replacement director Brett Ratner and then star Gerald Butler leaving the remake of Escape From New York, it looks like it could be done for. But New Line has other plans and really, really wants to do this remake.

New Line has hired Jonathan Mostow to rewrite the script and with the option to direct. Those of you who do not know Mostow, he directed U-571 and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, both films are pretty good and I like them both. My money would still have been on Len Wiseman directing, but Mostow would be much much better than Ratner.

Who knows, maybe the rewrites might bring Butler back...
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