Elektra Movie: Jennifer Garner Speaks out

IESB recently has been talking to Jennifer Garner about her role in Elektra and she sounded reallly ecited about the role. I know she has read alot of the comics and she really has her role as Elektra nailed. She also noted that the movie has wrapped and she is pleased with how it went.

“The rest of the shoot went really well,” Garner said. “We had a few more big fights. We shot all the big finale stuff. It continued to be rough and tumble and really fun.”

She talked alittle bit about the intense fight scenes and showed the guys some scratches she had on her hands.

“They were the toughest fights I’ve ever done. I fought five guys with a bo stick, five ninjas. That was pretty intense. And I had a fight with my sais against two kitanas. I kept getting bonked and there was some bloodshed there. That was pretty intense as well.”

Well she is really hyped about the film, but as we saw with Halle Berry as Catwoman you can't just be hyped about the character to make a good movie. Hopefully the martial arts in this move will be good and not cut after cut.

Source: IESB

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