HEROES Star takes on Cannibals


James Kyson Lee star of Heroes (He plays Ando) has been cast in Necrosis the new indie cannibal flick. Necrosis takes place along the Tahoe-Donner trail and embellishes on the horrors of the historic event - which of all the 19th-century pioneer stories, none exerts such a powerful hold on the American imagination as the tale of the Donner Party in the
high Sierra Nevada's in the winter of 1846.

The excursion became a terrifying tale of misery, death, madness, and cannibalism. NECROSIS puts it's own edgy twist on one possible explanation for the tragic historic event as history repeats itself this winter. The producers are in talks with a variety of people to star in the film. Stay tuned for more. The story is really impressive lets hope this comes together nicely! The official site is http://www.necrosismovie.com/

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