Flowers for the Dead Wraps


Joe Barbarisi has wrapped on a new short horror film called ‘Flowers for the DEAD” which is basically a zombie film. Shot on location at the famous Evans CITY Cemetery where the original Night of the Living Dead was shot.

Also shot in Westwood NJ where the film stars his wife Linda Fiordelisi as she is trapped in a cemetery as the dead close in on her. Added some sequences from Evans City Cemetery (frame by frame) from original shots of NOTLD to give the film some Novelty and to see the famous cemetery as it looks today.

The film is currently in post production and will be submitted to various film short contests in the future..there is also a behind the scene featurette and a video tour of the Evan City Cemetery added to the film. Shot on B&W Super 8 and will run approx. 30-45 min

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