Zodiac Directors Cut DVD BreakDown


The 213 has posted a very detailed break down on all the extras on the Zodiac DVD. Go check it out if your a fan of the flic. I watched the film Zodiac on DVD and it is one of the creepiest thrillers I have seen in  a long time. Its not overly graphic per say but it tells one of the creepiest true stories ever. The story of the Zodiac. Watch the clips on TerrorFeed by clicking one of the links below.

Zodiac Clip: Tracing Your Call
Zodiac Clip: Taxi Cab Letter
Zodiac Clip: Not an Idiot
Zodiac Clip: Nobody Else Will
Zodiac Clip: Murder at the Lake
Zodiac Clip: He's a Boy Scout
Zodiac Clip: Front Page News
Zodiac Clip: Its Not Hard
Zodiac Clip: Cant Discuss The Case
Zodiac, Jake Gyllenhaal Interview
Zodiac Trailer

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