Sinners & Saints Movie Poster

Awaking suddenly from a lurid, suspicious dream, the steadfast Father Drake immediately realizes the mission he’s been assigned. Pretty, innocent Mary Jane Crowley has been kidnapped—by cops, no less, or at least some questionable characters who look like cops. Her fate is in the hands of Father Drake, who makes a call to Our Lady of the Righteous Fist, a “battleconvent,” enlisting the aid of the elite combat nun Sister Jordan Merrick.

With the help of the high-tech, crucifix-shaped Vat-Sat (Vatican satellite), the pair infiltrate the hideout of the evil-doers—and stumble into a trap. Those cops aren’t cops, and stranger yet, to everyone’s surprise, Mary Jane isn’t who she seems either. In fact, she’s Necrotia, Queen of Hades! The biggest surprise, though, is that Necrotia has ventured to our dimension to seek out the only person who can help her with a conspiracy in Hell that could spell doom for all—and that person is none other than Father Drake! The mystery is only beginning to unfold!

Thanks to Melanthe for sending this in to us.

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