Romero Denies Diary of the Dead Sequel


SkinCarver emailed us an update on Diary of the Dead 2. George Romero told IGN that the Diary of the Dead Sequel talk is just that.. talk. When asked about the sequel he said quote:

"I'm not sure where that came from, I wouldn't mind continuing the discussion, but nothing is decided yet. Euphoria seems to have set in even though the film has only screened about six times.

"The only way I can see it being worthwhile is if we use the same characters, which would be the first time I have done that. I don't have an idea yet, but if the idea and the money can meet somewhere in the middle, it's possible"

A sequel without Romero? Oh me oh my. The plot for the sequel is: The "Diary" continues. Our heroes, trapped in the mansion where we left them, battle waves of ravenous zombies, barely escaping alive. In search of a safe place to settle, they commandeer an abandoned ferry and sail to a deserted island, only to find that it is already populated by a civilization of the dead. Told in the same first-person style that distinguished "George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead", the next episode of the saga is a violent siege set in the middle of nowhere, a desperate struggle for survival, and peace, between two tribes: the living and the living dead.

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