Mason Family 'Devil Exists' in 2008


MJD has sent over artwork and details on a new film based on the Manson Family. MJD Films announces that it’s first feature film project “The Devil Exists” is slated for an early 2008 shooting schedule with a targeted release date of Halloween 2008. “The Devil Exists” is a horrifying look into the mind of Charles Manson as he turns his communal family from free love and peace into serial killing revolutionists.

The film was originally scripted by MJD Films President Roy A Sciacca and is currently in re-writes. “The Devil Exists” explores sociological questions behind the Manson family, their crimes and various theories on why the crimes were committed. With real lost footage of the family coupled with an in depth look at the 1920’s iconic figure, “The Devil Exists” stands to be one of the more horrifying films of 2008.

Sciacca said, “Today’s horror films are great, but they’re based around too much fantasy. What truly made a classic thriller was the amount of reality present. We plan to bring back a dose of reality to the horror genre.” “The Devil Exists” represents a trip from heaven to hell for MJD Films as their last project involved a full feature documentary on the life of Pope John Paul II titled “Seed of Faith”.

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