The Invasion DVD

The remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers retitled The Invasion (grant it for a modern audience the original title is a bit corny) hit theaters in August with less than stellar reviews and less than stellar box office numbers.

Its no secret that Warner Bros. didn't like Oliver (Der Untertag) Hirschbiegel's original cut - which was apparently more build and tension like the original and first remake - as it didn't pack enough punch for a summer flick. So they did what any studio would do and boot the original director, get the Wachowski Bros. to rewrite and James McTeigue to direct a lot of new scenes to "punch it up". To give you an idea how far back Invasion was made, Daniel Craig was informed he won the role of James Bond for Casino Royale (2006) while he was shooting Invasion.

I saw most of it and I can honestly say there is somewhere buried down there a good film might exist. However, the upcoming DVD is not Hirschbiegel's original cut. DVDActive got the word from Warner Bros. about the upcoming DVD.

Special Features:
  • We've Been Snatched Before: Invasion in Media History
  • The Invasion: A New Story
  • The Invasion: On Set
  • The Invasion: Snatched

Funny how it there is no commentary for this disc...oh well. I hope somewhere along the line they release Hirschbiegel's original cut so there can be a comparison about how much was Hirschbiegel's and how much McTeigue's. I mean they did release Paul Schrader's superior prequel Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist about a year after Renny Harlin's prequel.

Until that time, The Invasion hits DVD January 8th 2008 and will snatch at the moment unknown amount of cash from your wallet. It will also appear in Blu-Ray and HD.
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