Hallows Point Poster


The filmmakers just sent us the poster for Hallows Point and its not to shabb. Its not the most amazing poster I have ever seen but its far from bad! Hallows Point stars one of the busiest women in the genre the sexy Christa Campbell along with genre legend David Naughton. The story goes like this; It started as a harmless bet but for a group of Hallows Point High students, this Halloween will turn into the ultimate nightmare. Trapped in an abandoned schoolhouse with an evil they helped create, but cannot defeat, the students are ill-prepared for their last lesson… in terror!

Twelve high school students lock themselves into an abandoned schoolhouse on Halloween night and accidentally resurrect their former biology teacher who was a serial killer. The teacher, Nathanial Raber, is all too willing to come back and give these poor unfortunate souls their final exam. Look for a trailer on site shortly

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