Fox Making Wrong Turn 3?


Recently we have gotten into this straight to DVD sequel craze and their doesn't look like their is any end in sight. Today STYD learned that Fox has some more films that they are eyeing to spread out even further.

Fox Home Entertainment VP of Production Tom Siegrist told Shock, "We're interested in continuing to explore the franchises. As to what our exact plans are...we would definitely like to make a Wrong Turn 3. And yes, we would like to make a Joy Ride 3 and 4, but we have to see what happens with the writers strike."

It will be interesting to see where this all goes. I'm open to another Wrong Turn sequel as long as it remains to be a fun ride like the recent sequel. As for Joy Ride we shall have to wait and see where they take the first follow-up titled, Joy Ride: End of the Road.

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