Rest Stop 3 Cometh


While on set John Shiban writer/director of Rest Stop 2 told ShockTilyouDrop that A Rest Stop 3 was a potential reality. Quote;

"Oh yeah, there are definitely some unresolved things at the end of part two that lead to part three."

The reviews for Rest Stop were pretty good so we will see how the review for Rest Stop 2 are. At the end of the day its how well Rest Stop 2 does that will determine the fate of #3.

Last year Warner Bros. started their own direct to DVD horror movie banner, Raw Feed. They embarked on that misadventure with directors John Shiban, Dan Myrick and Tony Krantz. Shiban was the first out the gate with Rest Stop. Apparently the film did so well for Raw Feed that they are doing a sequel.

The first film had a very simple premise. A young girl and her rebelious boyfriend head to California to be on there own. Then they meet up with a "John Ryder-esque" character and begin to live a nightmare. Or do they? It was essentially The Hitcher with a paranormal twist added to it.

Rest Stop 2, takes place a year after the events of the first film, when Tom (Richard Tillman), brother of the original’s ill-fated Jesse, returns home from military service to learn that Jesse and his girlfriend Nicole have been missing. Joined by pals Marilyn (Jessie Ward) and Jared (Graham Norris), Tom traces the couple’s trail, which leads to the rest stop where they were terrorized by the evil driver in the yellow pickup truck. The psycho (Brionne Davis) reappears to kidnap and torture Tom while Marilyn and Jared encounter the weird Winnebago family, as well as the ghost of Nicole (Julie Mond, taking over for Jaimie Alexander). Joey Mendocino reprises his role as Jesse, while veteran actor Steve Railsback also makes an appearance.

It kind of sounds like the typical sequel fare with a family member of the first getting involved in the scuffle. I'm not sure how Julie Mond is going to look taking over the role of Jaimie Alexander but hopefully it will be seamlessly. Directing this time around will be Shawn Papazian.

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