Black Devil Doll Trilogy?


We here are very excited about Black Devil Doll and for quite some time there has been some hints that a sequel is a strong possibility. Today an interview with the writer/producer Shawn Lewis was posted on Bloody Good Horror about a possible sequel.

Lewis told the site, "At the bare minimum this will be a trilogy. Part 2 is tentatively titled "Black Devil Doll 2: Black In The Hood" and is in pre-production now." He went on to talk about another project he has in the works, "We are in pre-production on a retro 70's female revenge film called "She's A Whore" with my brother directing again. It's in the style of "Ms 45" and "They Call Her One Eye"... It will have a million dollar budget and will be shot in Oakland California in late 08 early 09."

Talk about some exciting developments! It's about time some filmmakers take it back to the roots of exploitation and make some REAL grindhouse films the way they were made back in the 70s. We will be following this very closely so be sure to keep it here for more.

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