I Am Legend Reshoots


Okay, I have said many times I am looking forward to the adaptation of I Am Legend as from the trailer it seems to be the closest to Richard Matheson's classic novella...however...

I'm starting to get a little iffy.  CHUD reports that last week Legend had some reshoots.  Grant it reshoots are very normal in Hollywood, especially with big budget films, when it comes to tweaking a scene that didn't work right on the day it was shot or studio liked it enough for more money to put in to get another cool scene in. 

However, considering the fact that Legend hits in Mid-December, its very late, VERY late in the game for reshoots:

"What's not confirmed is what has been reshot. My source tells me that the ending was redone, as the studio wasn't happy with the finale that director Francis Lawrence had. Since I know that Lawrence's ending was already unfaithful to Richard Matheson's original story..."

Okay, I hope that whatever was reshot brings it back to the original ending if Lawrence's ending was far off from the ending of the novella.  Its a classic ending and is a great image and moment in horror fiction.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to be approaching I Am Legend with more caution when it hits theaters on December 14.  Legend will apparently also appear in IMAX.

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