Grindhouse Universe DVD Released


Today Ban 1 Productions dropped me a line to let me know that their next DVD Grindhouse Universe has just been released. Ban 1 are the team behind all the fantastic 42nd Street DVDs from Synapse Films. So you can expect a quality product from them.

Unfortunately though since they will be distributing this one themselves you will have to pick it up online through their Official Website and a couple other online retailers including Xploited Cinema and Diabolik DVD. This will be a quick seller because there are only 1,000 copies being pressed. That will make this a very hard to find DVD once it is sold out.

With slightly over 2 hours and 40 minutes of grindhouse trailers they are touting this as one of the best releases ever. I would probably have to agree. Below you can check out the DVD cover art I was sent.

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