Doug Bradley speaks out about the Hellraiser series

At Rue Morgues Festival of Fear Doug Bradley, better known as Pinhead, spoke about the next couple films in the franchise.

"I've tried to speak to people involved in the movies, everybody seems to be in the dark," Bradley said before a packed room at the show. Deader and Hellworld, both directed by Rick Bota (Hellseeker), were lensed in Romania back-to-back in 2002, with the former slated to come out in late '03 and the latter earlier this year. "I looped the movies early last summer in London, so the damn things have been in the can for nearly two years and I have no idea what the issue is. Everything seemed to be going ahead. I have seen a more or less finished cut of Deader, which is looking good. I haven't seen part eight which has Lance Henriksen in the cast." The friendly British actor adds that he and Henriksen clicked on the set right away. "I, in fact, discovered that Lance was apparently very close to playing Larry in the first film, the part Andrew Robinson played."

He also commented on Clive Barker killing off his character.

"People seem to think I will be greatly distressed and upset about this and I will never speak to Clive again," Bradley says calmly. "That's fine, I have absolutely no problem with that. If anyone is going to write the demise of Pinhead it should be [Barker]. And, well, how many times have I died? Here's the practical point as well, Clive retains the literally rights to the Hellraiser world so he can write whatever he likes, but he doesn't control the cinematic rights. So whatever he does in print has no effect on what goes down in the movies. If the series ever does close out, which it must do at some point, then as far as I'm concerned it would be the perfect bookend to have Clive come in and direct a climatic episode to the series."

Source: MovieWeb

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