PinkEye Horror Movie Poster


We just got the low down and poster for Pink Eye sent to us. Pink Eye" is set in a small town in upstate New York, at a prison-like, dilapidated insane asylum where secret drug testing has gone inexplicably wrong. Patients are dying in sick and twisted ways and those who survive are becoming raging, homicidal lunatics.

It's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose and the patients begin to crave freedom to take their vengeance out on the world outside. When one patient does escape deformed, angry and far beyond insane, he brings death and terror to an unsuspecting town and everyone in it.

Pink Eye,directed by James Tucker stars Melissa Bacelar (Strange Things Happen AtSundown,Citizen Toxie, Addiction)  Alan Rowe Kelly (The Bloodshed); Zoe Daelman Chlanda (I'll Bury You Tomorrow); Joshua Nelson (Aunt Rose, Last Rites of the Dead); Nathan Faudree (Kottentail, Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon); Raine Brown (Horror, Barricade, Plasterhead) and Kenneth McGregor (X-Men, Xena: Warrior Princess.) and Joshua James.

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