Dexter 'Kills' the Record Books


America's favorite serial killer has killed the competition and become Showtime's recordbreaker.  "Dexter", in it's second season, set Showtime original series record drawing 1.23 million viewers during last weeks 9pm episode, and 1.69 million overall when factoring in the 11pm re-airing.  These numbers were a 41% increase from the previous weeks episodes.  The previous record was 1.21 million viewers for a 2004 episode of their original series "Soul Food"

I must say I think the high numbers for this show is exciting news for horror fans.  With a show like Dexter thats not afraid of being centered around a grisly and occasionally graphic serial killings and still is able to garner high ratings, it could open the door for future shows that bend into the horror genre.  Couple that with the fact that being on Showtime means more violence and profane language, Dexter is really "testing the water" so to speak for what can be accomplished in the horror genre on television. I know there are many fans of Dexter in our community, so I wonder what your thoughts are on Dexters success and it helping pave the way for horror television series in the future. 

"Dexter" revolves around a Miami Dade police department blood splatter analyst Dexter Morgan.  When he is not working to solve murders, Dexter himself is a sociopathic serial killer who kills other serial killers that he feels truly "deserve" it.  Dexter is currently in it's second season on Showtime with new episodes airing Sunday at 10 pm EST

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