Jamie Blanks talks Storm Warning


Ryan Rotten from STYD had a chance to talk to Jamie Blanks about his upcoming movie Storm Warning. We have been following this one for awhile and it looks like it could have some serious potential. In talking about making the movie he told Ryan quote;

"I wanted it to feel like a cross between Tim Burton and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Tim Burton's version of that. An over-stylized feel, I didn't want to play it straight. Once you get to the farmhouse we had a full stage with a lighting grid and walls we had to lose with CGI. I don't really like CGI, but here we had to deploy some."

To watch the trailer for Storm Warning go to TerrorFeed. Storm Warning comes from a script written by Everett De Roche (Razorback). The story centers around a young Melbourne couple whose boat outing goes awry when their engine fails and they wind up drifting into a mangrove swamp around French Island. They set off on foot looking for a phone and find an isolated farmhouse, where they invite themelves in only to have the three unhappy owners come home from a pub. Something tells me the owners aren't going to take it easy on them either.

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