Jason Voorhees in Supernatural? Perhaps Not


Earlier in the month Goon found out that Jason Vorhees would star in an upcoming Supernatural Episode. I dont watch the show so I dont even really know what its about.  Creator Eric Kripke told fanzine,  

"We have Jason from Friday the 13th, the character with the hockey mask. He shows up in episode 10. We have cleared the rights to actually use Jason. We have a twist on it so it is not really Jason out there but we have found an interesting way to bring him in so Sam and Dean fight Jason from Friday the 13th. In our world, that is a pretty cool guest star."

So basically he was saying they had him but they didnt have him. Well now ShockTillyouDrop and BloodyDisgusting via AITH are reporting that the creator does NOT have the rights and his character will have a hockey mask but will not be Jason or be legally allowed to be called Jason. The thing that seems really odd is how the creator could say he has the rights and then not have them. The whole thing is very odd.

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