Was AfterDark Horrorfest 2007 a flop?


As many of you know, After Dark films just completed their second annual After Dark Horrorfest which ran November 9th-18th.  I was a supporter of the fest this year and saw/reviewed 7 of the 8 films.  Unfortunately it seems as though the support for this years fest may have been a disappointment. 

Before I give the numbers I would like to point out that none of these numbers are 100% concrete as I found them by a poster on After Dark's forums. I am checking for a solid source for these numbers but it appears that After Dark is not currently releasing the numbers to the public.  But if what I found turns out to be accurate it truly is a little disheartening for our genre. 

Horrorfest 2007 box office take allegedly appears to be $874,635.  In its first year in 2006 Horrorfest puled in $2,575,000.  Granted this is the box office number and does not include all access passes sold via the website, but at $75 a piece it would take close to 22,000 passes to reach last years number.  And lets not forget this years fest ran for 10 days while in 2006 it was only 3.  With 7 extra days of possible viewing, how did attendance stay so low?

After Dark tries to put on something for the indie horror films that deserve some recognition, but yet genre fans didnt seem to come out this year.  So what makes 2007 so different from 2006?  Was it the quality of movies?  Is it knowning that these films will most likely get a DVD release so people decided to wait? Or did dropping it to a little over 300 theaters as opposed to nearly 500 theaters in 2006 make that big of a difference?  

As horror fans I'd like to know your thoughts as to why you personally did or didn't support Horrorfest this year.  One thing is for sure, if this turns out to all be accurate and Horrorfest did fall flat this year, After Dark is may have to make some changes if they plan for a Horrorfest in 2008.

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