All Souls Day: Dia De Los Muertos Review

7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

I got a chance to check out a copy of All Souls Day which is being distributed by IDT aka Anchorbay and have to say I was pleasently surprised. The movie plays during "Dia De Los Muertos" (the Mexican Day of the Dead), when the dead return to walk the Earth to see their loved ones once more.

When a couple of young college kids unintentionally interfere with a small town’s ritual sacrifice, they get into more than they bargained for and must find a way to survive this Dia de los Muertos. In 1892, Vargas Diaz, a murderous greedy villain, looted an Aztec tomb belonging to the goddess of death located in the town of Santa Bonita, Mexico.

The many that died at Diaz’s hands cannot rest and continually demand human sacrifices. Today the town of Santa Bonita is a ghost town, and those who stumble upon the village never leave. A young couple, Joss and Alicia, are unfortunate enough to get stranded there and discover the town’s secret history. The only way to save themselves and let the dead rest lies with Diaz himself, but there’s no earthly way he could still be living today.

This movie plays well for fans of true zombie movies. It has good enough acting and in some cases some top notch performances and has cameos by some great stars like Jeffrey Combs who is in the movie for about the first 10minutes. The male readers will appreciate the fact that the movie had some very lovely ladies who were easy on the eyes but also able to put lines together and carry their character. A nice treat.

The story is well written and moves at a good pace with good direction and more then passable special FX. The only downfall for this movie is the "Neo Factor". Near the end of the movie similar to the movie UNDEAD they have one character who suddenly becomes Neo doing all kinds of kung fu moves, back flips, and assorted moves from crouching tiger hidden dragon. Totally out of character and not fitting of this movie. For people who enjoy Return of the Living Dead this movie is a must see. Were it not for some poorly done scenes, and the 'Neo Scene' This movie would have gotten an 8 for being a fun time waster with some great merits for zombie fans.

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