Living Death Review

7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Living Death is kind of funny in a way. Not long ago Nightmares and Dreamscapes had an episode very similar to the plot of this film. Even before that there was another story done in the highly acclaimed Tales From the Crypt series that fit the same description as well. So what was it that was going to set this film apart from all the others? Well first let me give you a basic run down of the story before I delve any deeper into it.

Victor is your typical asshole with so much money that he can buy anything and anyone that he wants. He goes threw his life doing what he wants when he wants. His lawyer and best friend Roman begins to have an affair with his wife, Elizabeth. Soon they hatch a plan to kill off Victor in order to get their hands on the millions of dollars that he has just inherited from his father. So Roman and Elizabeth poison him and he is pronounced dead. But is he really? He is actually only paralyzed and his vitals have been slowed so much that he looks to be dead. While waiting to be cut up by a couple of med students in the morgue Victor awakens and he is not happy. Soon the film turns into one wicked ride of revenge with Roman and Elizabeth in his sights.

Now the thing that really seperates this from the other stories mentioned above is the revenge aspect and most importantly the gore. When I first watched this film I didn't expect this film to have much but within the first ten minutes of the movie you are aware that they aren't afraid to show a little red. Those two aspects of the film really set it apart from the other tellings of this little story.

The movie actually starts out with a bang. A young woman is being tortured to the point where her leg is split open and a piece of bone is shown protruding through the skin. But after that it drags for almost 45 minutes before we get some real action once again. That happens when Victor is taken to the morgue and than all hell breaks loose with intestines, chopped fingers and much more gore. I was very pleased with the whole revenge tilt at the end. I am a huge fan of films like "I Spit on Your Grave" and "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" so the revenge at the end was fantastic. But it was probably alittle to late to get the movie a higher rating.

The acting really wasn't too bad either although I have to say that Kristy Swanson is not the hottie that you will remember from "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer". Now she looks like a perfect stand in for Anna Nicole Smith. But her performance was still pretty good but my favorite actor in the film had to be Greg Bryk who played Victor. I keep coming back to the end of the film because it such a great sequence in the movie but he rocked it throughout the end. He kicked ass and chewed bubble gum all at the same time.

Overall I highly suggest renting this movie first. The beginning like I said really drags after the opening sequence. But if you can hang on til the end you won't be disappointed.

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