Freak Out Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Freak Out has been one of the most highly touted films on the net for quite some time. Up until know I had no idea what I could be missing out on. Everyone has been giving this movie high marks and after watching the film I began to wonder if the high marks were given simply because of the budget the filmmakers were working with. I'm not one to rain on anyones parade but this movie is not as good as everyone makes it out to be.

The movie begins when a vegetarian boy is being assaulted by meat products and swears that one day he will be back to wreak havoc on the school. Thirteen years later he returns to the very spot only to discover that the school has been long torn down. Soon he runs into two friends who are aficionados of horror flicks, Merv and Onkey. The two team up to train the now name Looney to become a honed serial killer. Now I think this movie could have been better executed as maybe a plain comedy or maybe even a little serious tone could have worked. But this movie is more of "stupid comedy".

I guess if you took Dead Alive and took out all the gore and added bad british comedy you would get Freak Out. Now I respect what they were able to do on such a limited budget though. Given the small budget they pulled out alot of stops and made this look like a bonafide film made for a couple million dollars. A true Evil Dead style of filmming of course without the likeable character of Bruce Campbell or the fantastic gore. As a matter of fact the gore in this film is mostly ketchup and not very good looking at all.

I guess the main reason this movie didn't make me laugh was that I absolutely despise British humor and comedy. For some reason I have never liked it. So combine that with a running gag "Bum Feeler" that is in the film and you get Freak Out. Its retarded British comedy. I believe "retarded" is fair to use here because some critics have you used the word to praise the film. I guess if you really want to enjoy this film you have to have a couple buds over and a keg because sober this movie did nothing for me.

Now if you happen to like the movie you will probably like the treatment that Anchor Bay has given the DVD. A 2 disc special edition right out the gate with some nice featurettes that fit the humor of the film like a glove. I did find the "Making Out" featurette worth watching. It follows the film from inception all the way to the Fantasia Film Festival screening in Montreal. The first disc comes with two commentaries as well that you might enjoy.

Overall I did not understand why this film was given so much publicity and praise. Good for an indie? Hmmm well it certainly got the look and everything done very well but when it came down to whether it was enjoyable or not I just can't say I liked it that much. My advice is this, if you enjoy British humor and get a kick out of "dumb humor" you might just like this movie.. On the other hand you might not, like me.

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