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10 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Today we live in a society that is very tech savvy. We have the ability to track down our kids using brand new GPS watches, girlfriends can keep their boyfriends on a very short leash by tracking their cell phone records and now anyone can buy a mini camera to capture burglars in the act. All these things are definetly steps that can ultimately save people lots of money and quite possibly even lives. But what happens when the wrong people get their hands on this kind of technology? The worst thing is that ANYONE can walk into a store and buy these products without anykind of background checks or any other kind of evaluation. That is the scary truth that the director of Alone with Her has taken with this project.

The entire film is told threw the camera lense of an obsessed stalker, Doug played by Colin Hanks. He becomes enamored with a girl that he sees in the park and begins videotaping her in the park with a camera that he keeps hidden in a bag. Soon his little obsession consumes his entire life and goes to a local "Spy" store and purchases several mini cameras. One day when she is out he breaks into her home and installs cameras throughout her home.

This is where everything shifts from the stalker's POV shots to his cameras throughout her home. Amy is caught doing menial tasks like talking on the phone, painting, hanging out with friends, and even the most private of things such as showering. By watching her every move Doug gathers enough courage to approach strapped with a body cam to record her every move. Soon he confronts her and eventually weasles his way into her life. Once there Doug becomes even more irritable and more obsessed as he spirals into a rocky relationship with Amy.

The entire film is told through Dougs cameras except for maybe a handful of shots. This makes the film much more personal than any film I have ever seen. The very fact that this could and has happened even makes this film all the more horrifying. You will never feel the same in your home alone after watching this one folks. It is not the kind of film that you will watch again and again but it is definetly a film that you will never forget.

I was really surprised at how well this one was acted. No one in this film over acted or made this seem like I was watching a "movie". It almost felt as though I was in fact watching a real event unfold. As if the police compiled all this footage into something coherrent to show a jury. It was truly that creepy. The character of Doug is the real boogeyman. Not your Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger. This guy is real and people like him really exist. Thats what will really hit home with this film.

What can I say about the score? Well there isn't one. This is something that can only be done with some films. Sometimes the images and emotions alone are enough to carry a film and to add a soundtrack to that undermines the directors vision or overpowers the performances by the actors. If you have read any of my reviews or know how strongly I feel about having a good score in your film this is definetly uncharacteristic of me to say. But to add any kind of music to this film would ruin the tension and build up that the film pulls off brilliantly.

Obviously voyeurisim is at the heart of this film. Everyone has a morbid curiousity in watching people in the private lives. I say that with confidence because it is very obvious by just turning on the television and looking at all of the reality television shows. To a certain extent I would say it is OK but their are some people out there who take it a step to far. This is evident by just glancing at the news every couple of days and we see another story of someone installing a camera in a bathroom or someones private space. Hopefully this film will open some peoples eyes to the problem that anyone can purchase this equipment.

I really can not say enough about this movie. It definetly left me shocked and blown back by the conclusion. Literally speechless. I went into this film knowing absolutely nothing of what I was about to watch and left with this dirty feeling that I was watching a crime in process. I highly suggest checking this film out and passing the word along to others.

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