The Descent (2005) Review

8 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

Frankly I dont know why Neil Marshall doesnt get much more credit as being a visionary for our genre. Namely the horror genre. The guy knows how to scare the shit out of you without the need to rip off limbs, tear out eye balls, etc. He uses great story telling, combined with spooky environments like 'underground cramped caverns' in this film, to just make you feel uneasy. Then he throws in devilish critters that rip out your eye balls, arms, and limbs. Its so much more then what alot of horror movie normally offer.

In a remote mountain range, six female friends meet for their yearly adventure, a caving trip into the arteries of the earth. Leader of the trip is Juno, tough, compelling and dangerous. Along for the ride are Swedish sisters Rebecca and Sam, wild base jumper Holly, and English teacher Beth, who has reluctantly come to look after Sarah. Sarah is still recovering from a total mental breakdown after the deaths of her husband and child one year previously, and needs this trip to reclaim the life she once had. It soon becomes clear that Sarah is not fully recovered, and that the hallucinations and memories that have dogged her for the past year are still very much hovering over her. But Juno shrugs off Beth’s worries—Sarah is her best and oldest friend, and she is going to make this work.

Together, the group makes their way through the remote cave system, enjoying the hazardous but beautiful surroundings. Then, deep inside the cave, disaster strikes when their route back to the surface is blocked by a rockfall. When they learn that Juno, always pushing herself that little bit further, has brought them to an unexplored cave, and that no one is coming to rescue them, the group starts to splinter. But left with no option, they push on through the cave, praying for another exit. The women battle through this harsh underground world, pitting their strength and determination against each new challenge. But there is something else lurking under the earth, a race of monstrous creatures hidden from the light, devolved to perfectly live in the darkā€¦ As the women realize they have become prey, they are forced to unleash their most primal instincts to face the creatures. But, as old wounds break open and loyalties disintegrate, the women realize the horrible truth—that they have most to fear from one another.

The descent is one seriously kick ass movie from frame 1 to the last seconds of the film. So good I actually watched all the features including the blooper reel. You really can not go wrong when you combine underground caving, REALLY tight corners, great filmography and some really hot chicks fighting off some really bad ass underground cave minions. For those wondering, this is NOTHING like "The Cave" and 100 times better.

I know alot of you love Eli Roth for his films, but seriously if you have not given Neil Marshall a try, you should. His films have plenty of gore, but great story telling to go with em. He can take a regular environment and turn it into something really scary all on its own,  without the need to splash blood everywhere. The Descent is  a must see horror film. Did I mention the 6 girls are hot? :)

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