Re-Animator Review

10 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Stuart Gordon is well known by all horror fanatics all over and what movie is he ALWAYS attached to? Re-Animator. With that film he truly launched his career to new heights and would eventually land himself a spot on The Masters of Horror. So quite fittingly Anchor Bay has released the all new DVD as part of their Anchor Bay Collection. This DVD is packed with everything any fan of the film could want but first lets start with the film itself.

The film begins as Dan Cain played by Bruce Abbot is dating the deans daughter and everything is going great as he is making his way through Med School. Well that is until the day Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) transfers into his school and rooms with him. Soon Dan's girlfriend begins to notice something is terribly wrong with West and his serum is discovered to reverse brain death. Not only that but this special syringe also reserructs the dead. When the headmaster Dr. Hill discovers that Cain and West are working on the serum together he tries to move in on their discovery and claim it as his own. With chaos and plenty of gore littered throughout the story it definetly earns its spot as a cult classic.

The strongest part of this film is definetly the acting. The brilliance behind all of it is no one tries to steal anyones spot and they all play their roles perfectly. Its never over done or campy. Its all played very straight which works fantastically for this film. Of course we couldn't talk about the acting without mentioning David Gale. He would have been easily the next Vincent Price of this era had he not died a couple years later. Really everyone in this film is great and to go on about their performances would really be redundant.

Several scenes in this movie are classics and can not go without mentioning because of the awesome use of practical effects. I would venture to say that the best moment in the film is "the first visual pun" of a head giving head. Yes it was also used in High Tension but this was the other gender. Very effective and amazing at how crazy it actually looked on camera. The other scene that clearly defines this movie is when Herbert West and Dan Cain first revive the cat in the basement. Much of the time the cat isn't even seen but the acting is hwat drove the whole scene. But enough about the actual flick lets get right to the good stuff that Anchor Bay has packed into this release.

With only a slight difference between the features every one is included on this disc. Deleted and extended scenes, interviews with cast and crew, trailers and TV spots. But the best part of the DVD lays in the brand new featurette that runs slightly over 70 minutes titled Re-Animator Resurrectus. It includes interviews with everyone involved in the movie and no one was left out. Of course I only wish David Gale had been around to give some insight on what it was like to be a part of the filming. Another plus to this edition is the inclusion of a pretty kick ass hi-lighter syringe. I think my only gripe about the DVD is the big old box it comes in. I mean what purpose does this box really serve? Besides that its a grade A release.

So whether you have never seen the movie or you own the old Elite release you will definetly want to scoop this one up. Not only are the special features kick ass but this hands down one of great cult classics of the genre. This is also by far the best H.P. Lovecraft story ever set to film. So as soon as you can get your hands on a copy as soon as you can.

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