Dead and Deader Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Now SciFi is not known for doing movies that turn out very well. As a matter of fact most SciFi flicks are usually a joke. Quite often on message boards or just when talking with a friend if I see a rather shoddy looking trailer I may refer to it as a SciFi Original. While most of their flicks are garbage we also have to remember that believe it or not Neil Marshalls Dog Soldiers was once a SciFi Original film. So I always find myself hankering down to watch the next one that catches my interest. Whats up this time? A little flick called Dead and Deader.

In this movie Lt. Bobby Quinn played by Dean Cain is sent into Cambodia with his crack team of operatives to see what some ruckus was all about. When they enter this little hut on the swamp they see a large container full of white crazy looking scorpions and some dead soldiers. Soon a trooper runs in and drops a grenade blowing them all to kingdom come. Quinn soon finds himself in a morgue about to be given an autopsy. Here he discovers that some of his men have returned as well and he must see how they have turned out and to make sure that they weren't presumed dead as well.

Unfortunately for him he discovers that not only are they dead but they are up and eating human flesh without any brain function like himself. While helping the cook fend off some of the flesh eaters he discovers that he has also gained some super abilities. He decides to put his new found powers to use by tracking down the rest of his peers to help shut down the spread of this new killer virus. With the help of the cook and a cocktail waitress he is off on his way to keep it out of the general population.

Now after reading that short synopsis you are probably wondering "How the hell can I take this movie seriously?" Well your not. This is a very much a zombie comedy done Dean Cain style. I have always been a fan of Dean Cain ever since I saw him play Superman in Lois and Clark the television series. He has a certain comedic tone that is just sort of inherrent almost dare I say like Bruce Campbell. Only Bruce is much more of a bad ass then Dean could ever be. But Dean Cain also gets a tag team partner in the cook played by Guy Torry who is also hillarious in his role. The chemistry between them is amazing and really makes for a funny film.

Now we got the comedy down lets talk about the zombies. The zombies in this flick I would say are a mix really. Kind of 28 Weeks Later rage meets Dawn of the Dead shuffle. They kind of half run in a very jerking motion. I've honestly never seen anyone have zombies do this exact kind of movement before. I guess it helps when you have a foreign director who doesn't really try to copy any one set of zombie characteristics. As for the zombie FX I think that Jason Collins crew did a really bang up job on them. They did pretty much all of the prosthetics except for a couple special kill sequences that were handled by none other than KNB. So you know they took the look of the film very seriously.

This is actually one of the few SciFi flicks that I endorse wholeheartedly. I can almost guarantee that zombie fans will love this flick. Although if your not a fan of Dean Cain you may not enjoy it because he is a huge part of this flick but then again Guy Torry should tide you over. As for special features on the disc there is a pretty good behind the scenes featurette which includes cast and crew interviews. It goes pretty indepth I would say. There is also a commentary track on there as well with the writers and producer. So zombie fans have another little fun flick to check out and enjoy. We can never get enough of them.

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