Phantasm 3: Lord of the Dead Review

9 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Don Coscarelli returns with another tale on the Tallman and the misadventures of Reggie. I have to say that while most franchises are usually withered away by the time they hit three or become redundant, part three really feels like it was meant to be in the franchise all along. I think thats what I love about all of the Phantasm films is that they are all top notch flicks and he never did one to just cash in. He had a solid script and had a wonderful cast that would come back each time to reprise their roles in his films. Hopefully we will see a part five very soon but lets slown down a bit and take a deeper look into part three.

The film starts up to show a quick flash back of what has led up to the present day. Its a nice little refresher but its probably not enough for someone new to the series which I think is the only down point to the film. If you are new to the Phantasm series you should really start from the beginning because as they always do things get really off the wall in this flick. Reggie and Mike team up and along the way they pick up a young Tim and a fiesty kick ass and take names Rocky. While on there fantastic adventure they encounter possessed hands, spheres, zombies and even a very "Home Alone" type house which little Tim inhabits.

Personally I can never get enough of the Phantasm franchise and will always love each film for what it does best. I think Phantasm 3 while weak in some areas is definetly the "Army of Darkness" of the franchise. By that I mean it is the one film that really stands out for its one-liners and comedy aspects more then anything else. Not to many scares but Reggie Bannister really makes this movie shine with his wit and humor that can only be matched by other genre legends. I have always been puzzled as to why Reggie never gets more love from the horror community. He is truly one of the great horror icons.

As always Angus Scrimm plays the Tall Man with that same creepy glare and somber tone. The Tall Man is effective for so many different reasons. For one he never says too many lines and he also doesn't get a TON of screen time. Both of those I think are essential in creating a creepy character. If you see too much or if you hear him babble on about his plans he just becomes a simple character in the story. Not a looming and crazy lunatic that will storm your house with dwarves.

The DVD features on this disc are not too many but this disc does contain a print that has never been seen in the U.S. Which is a fantastic deal for us Phantasm fans. Some trailers and behind the scenes featurettes round out most of the goodies. Nothing to write home about but it sure is better than the bare bones releases. Overall I highly reccomend this disc to fans of the Phantasm franchise. For everyone else I would say pick up the first Phantasm which is being released simultaneously on April 10th. 

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