Ilsa - Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks Review

7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: jmh314   

It is no secret exploitation films of the 70's never made much if any money.  Back then, exploitation films were at the height of their popularity but why make a sequel to an exploitation film if  these films dont make money?  The answer: for pure entertainment.  That is exactly why Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Shieks was created.  It isnt a film ever meant to make money or cash in on trends.  It was meant to continue providing entertainment through a strong character like Ilsa.

Last time we saw Ilsa, she was working for the Nazi's in a concentration camp.  This film opens and we see Ilsa has moved on from working for the Nazi's and is now running a harem  for an oil Shiek named El Sharif.  The shiek has a passion for women so Ilsa kidnaps young, busty, attractive women to help feed the shieks passion.  Unfortunately for these women, they have no idea that El Sharif gets a little rough.  As a result, Ilsa begins to teach these women how to please the shiek, such as tips on how to use their tongue and properly lick him and more.  Whats even more unfortunate for these women is that if they disobey Ilsa or they do something wrong, they get tortured.  This torture is sometimes executed by Ilsa, but is also done by her evil topless lesbian henchwomen, Satin and Velvet.  So whether these kidnapped women are with El Sharif, or with Ilsa, Satin, and Velvet, they are in for tough times.

The storyline takes an unexpected turn for Ilsa as El Sharif has two visitors begin to stay with him.  As we have come to know, Ilsa is quite the man-hater, but she soon develops a soft spot for a man named Adam who is staying at the shieks home.  Since this is an exploitation film, you can guess that Ilsa and Adam have many sexual encounters, and you can see Ilsa fall for him.  But when El Sharif tells Ilsa to kill Adam, she must decide between the man who has warmed her black heart, or revolt against the evil shiek.

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Shieks has a little better story to it than the first film Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.  Unfortunatley the better stoy almost gives a slightly "lighter" feel to the film.  It isnt a bad thing as this film comes off almost like an exploitation comic book movie.  There is still PLENTY of nudity and gore to keep any exploitation fan happy, but it comes off in a more fun way than it's predecessor.  The torture scenes are still very creative.  I dont want to ruin any of the good torture for people, but I do have two words that sum it up very well: Exploding Vaginas!   I think that speaks for itself.

Dyanne Thorne's  does a great job in keeping an evil feel Ilsa despite it sounding like it is your typical campy role.  I am glad they were able to get her for all the Isla movies as her performance is what makes Ilsa such an unforgettable exploitation film character.  In this film she does a great job in being able to transition her character from both an evil dominatrix to a bubbly women and back again.  And  I couldnt think of anyone I would rather see in this role doing some topless kung-fu fighting than Dyanne Thorne. 

The gore and FX are on par with the first film.   They are very well done for the little amount of money that this film was made for.  Some of the elements of torture had to be hard to pull of with what they had, but they did a great job in making things looks as realistic as they could but still keep is cheesy enough to remind us this is a fun, campy exploitation film.

Overall  Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Shieks continues the exploitation tradition of the first film, but finds it's own identity in the new delivery it develops.  The lighter feel ands some humor and fun, but at the same time provides some great moments of torture and gore.  It is recommended for any fan of the first film, or any fan of exploitation films in general.  I guarantee you if you enjoy sex, nudity, torture, gore, and fighting you will find something to love about Ilsa.  And lucky for us this film is not the last time we will see Ilsa, as she later returns for a thrid installment. 

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