Night of the Living Dead 3D Review

6 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Goon   

Growing up I was always in love with films that were shot in 3D. Even though they were cheap "Comin at ya!" gags in them, I always enjoyed the novelty that they brought. Some good examples would be Friday the 13th Part 3 and Jaws 3D. Both of them had some good moments especially FD13th but in the long run as is the case with Jaws 3D the gag runs out. Night of the Living Dead 3D in theory is actually a really cool idea. Remake Night of the Living Dead but do it in 3D. It really should have been that simple but the changes that were imposed by producers really seemed to sink the ship for this film.

If you really need a synopsis for Night of the Living Dead just stop reading this review right now and watch the original... You should be ashamed. Instead of going over the synopsis like I usually do here I will let you in on the differences. In this film Ben is a white character which doesn't really bother me either way because its a remake. The cause of the outbreak unfortunately is completely spelled out for you in this one as well which I will address later. There is also an abundance of new characters that were never present in the original including Sid Haig's character Gerald Tovar Jr. He owns the mortuary that is located near the cemetery where everything started going crazy.

Now the thing that probably bothered me the most about this was the stipulation laid down by the investors, they had to do pot humor. HUGE turn off for me. I have no problem with pot humor but when you make a writer write about something he obviously knows nothing about it just doesn't work. None of those jokes were even moderately funny and the fact that the whole farm house is now actually where they grow all their weed just made it more in your face. Speaking of the writer there was absolutely no character development in this film. We are just kind of plopped into this situation without much knowledge of any of the characters. Not that the original explained much about them either but at least it had some tension and a real message behind it.

By far though the worst part of this film is that they completely reveal the cause of the outbreak. I don't mind that alone but the manner in which they did it was very Scooby Doo. Kind of like the villain twiddling his thumbs and laughing while he tells his victim what he did. Very James Bond. It felt like they just wrote themselves into a trap and had to have a big speech in order to explain it to the audience. I would have rather had them leave it up to the viewer with some subtle hints here and there.

But not all is lost in this remake. Believe it or not their is a couple of reasons to check this one out. Sid Haig is pretty bad ass as always and carries almost everyone through the movie. The zombie FX are pretty damn good with a legless zombie and some other gruesome looking stuff going on. Also the 3D effect was simply fantastic. I really wish that this was just a straightforward zombie film because the 3D effects are really cool and actually make this film worth watching for that aspect alone. They do have some corny pop out moments but they are far and few between.

Now the DVD itself isn't too bad from Lionsgate. Of course you get 4 pairs of 3D glasses for you and your whole family to watch the zombie mayhem unfold. A nice interview with Sid Haig, director Jeff Broadstreet and writer Robert Valding at the New Beverly Cinema makes for an interesting viewing. They also have the regular making-of featurette and how they managed to make the film in 3D featurette as well. Something that I never knew existed for this film was some TV and radio spots. Then rounding out the disc is the commentary, 3D stills, Blooper reel and theatrical trailers.

So botttom line is this film any good? No. But I do think it is worth a rental just to see the zombies in 3D and all the potential this movie had to be great. Hopefully some more filmmakers will attempt to make 3D zombie films because this one has shown that it can be done.. you just need a solid story line to back it up.

- Luke Franklin

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