Skinwalkers Unrated DVD Review

1 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

I love werewolf movies and its very hard to do one right it would seem. SkinWalkers is the classic example of how to ruin a WereWolf movie with a miss mash of story telling, characters that are shallow and lack any depth and werewolves that are scared to make more then two or three appearances during the entire film. That said this movie formula would fail for any genre. Werewolf or Romantic Comedy this movie just had the ingredients for a bad film from the start. I usually can find something good to say about any movie but this film unfortunately is so bad I just cant. I found things I could appreciate in Captivity, I even found somegood elements in Uwe Boll's films but SkinWalkers I am drawing a big blank

In the small town of Huguenot, Timothy (Matthew Knight) approaches his thirteenth birthday, unaware this milestone marks the time of his transformation. His mother Rachel (Rhona Mitra) fears her son’s health is deteriorating.  But those around him—those who have guarded him since birth—know Timothy is a half-blood and that when the red moon is full, he will finally have the power to control his family’s destiny. They also know that Timothy’s gift puts his life in grave danger. 

Meanwhile, two packs of Skinwalkers watch the night sky. Bound by blood, divided by principles, and hellbent to survive, they understand that this rising moon signals the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.  Consequently, the packs are prepared to wage a fierce battle for possession of the one who holds the key to their future and their way of life.

The concept for the film really and truly is fantastic. Two groups of skinwalkers. One devoted to curing them with a prophet boy, the others devoted to killing the boy and continuing to wreak havoc on mankind. Unfortunately even great concepts can fall apart on the screen. The story of SkinWalkers is all over the map and although it does move in one direction, no flash backs, or time jumps the story is so weak that it really doesnt matter that it goes in a constant timeline. It is still muddled, confusing and easily the worst werwolf movie ever made.

The werewolves when you do get to see them are fantastic. But if your expecting a carnage filled werewolf film where Good WereWolves go head to head witih Bad Werewolves leaving bodies strewn across the screen you should probably go see Underworld. Skinwalkers lacks any gorey or scarey moments and for the most part it lacks any furry werewolves. Just people walking around that you have to keep reminding yourself are werewolves.

If you like gorey horror movies, dont watch this. If you like well written horror movies, dont watch this. If you like werewolf movies dont watch this. If you like great story concepts and can overlook a flawed design then watch this movie. Its not gorey, its not well written and its certainly not scarey but it IS a very cool concept and could have been a truly awesome film.

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